Jan. 22, 2018

Super Bowl Winner = World Champion?

Am 4. Februar spielen in den USA wieder zwei Mannschaften der National Football League um den Super Bowl: die New England Patriots und die Philadelphia Eagles. Vor 5 Jahren standen die Patriots ebenfalls im Finale. Ihre Gegner damals waren die New York Giants, die auch gewannen. Ich habe den Post wieder gefunden, den ich im Februar 2012 geschrieben habe:
“Of course we watched the Super Bowl. And we enjoyed it. All of it. Except perhaps the halftime show. Madonna? Really? But that wasn’t the only question I had.
Why on earth is the winner of the Super Bowl World Champion? NFL means National Football League. Right? NATIONAL Football League.
Until someone can explain that to me I try to explain it myself.
As German I try to stay with the facts. So I thought, maybe there is no American Football outside of the United States. And that would mean, that the winner of the National Championships is automatically World Champion. The truth is: There is American Football outside the United States. For example in Germany. Many, teams. Pretty names: Munich Cowboys, Nuernberg Rams, Schwaebisch Hall Unicorns…. And on European level there is even the European Federation of American Football. Sounds very professional.
How about this explanation (Sorry that one is not very flattering): The NFL is convinced that all the other teams around the globe don’t play as good as the NFL teams. American Football was invented in the US, they are playing here since 1869 – who on earth should be able to hold a candle to the Americans? And if everyone else plays on a level that is not as good as the one of the American teams, then you are automatically World Champion if you win the National Championship in the United States. This follows a certain logic. But is also a bit arrogant. Who knows? Maybe the Unicorns would give the Broncos a hard time.
Hah, I know. World doesn’t mean world as in whole globe. It means the American Football World. Yes, that’s it. The New York Giants are World Champions of the American Football World. How about that as an explanation?” 6.2.2012
Möglicherweise finde ich in diesem Jahr eine weitere Erklärung, wenn ich das Spiel schaue. Inspirierend wird es werden, denn schließlich stehen die Philadelphia Eagles, unsere damalige Heimmannschaft auf dem Feld.

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